Equipment rental

Equipment rental service for events in Park Peres

Order form must be filled in Hebrew

פרטי מזמין
אני מאשר/את קריאת וקבלת ההצהרה
פירוט השירותמחיר ליחידהכמותסה"כ
חיבור לחשמל ( כולל לוח פחת ) ש''ח ש''ח
השכרת כיסא ש''ח ש''ח
השכרת שולחן ש''ח ש''ח
השכרת מיחם ש''ח ש''ח
התקנת תאורה "גרלנדה" ש''ח ש''ח
התקנת תאורת שני פרוז'קטורים על סטנד ש''ח ש''ח
מחסום 2 מטר גובה *3.5 רוחב ש''ח ש''ח
מחסום תקני 2 מטר ש''ח ש''ח
העמדת במה - 2X2 ש''ח ש''ח
הצבת מקרר ש''ח ש''ח
התקנת רשת הצללה בגודל 10x8 מ' ש''ח ש''ח
מחצלת בגודל 2.7X2.7 מ"ר ש''ח ש''ח
שמשיה ש''ח ש''ח
השכרת מגרש מיני פיץ' לשעה ש''ח ש''ח
סה"כ: ש''ח
In order to complete the reservation and ensure the performance of the event, it is necessary to arrange the payment for the service/equipment order for the event.

To complete the reservation and settle the payment, please call 053-8862599 (from 12:00 till 17.00).

For reservations that will be sent until 12:00, it will be possible to contact us on the same day, commencing from two hours after carrying out the reservation.
For reservations that will be sent after 12:00, it will be possible to contact us on the day following the reservation’s performance.

Obligations and responsibilities of the owner of the activity

  • Keeping the order among the public and performing the planned activity will be held according to the laws.
  • Any equipment rented by the owner of the activity is in the owner’s full responsibility; he has to return the equipment intact and working not later than 22:30 (payment in cash only before receiving of the rented equipment).
  • The activity that will take place in the defined area is in the full responsibility of the owner of the activity: safety of activating the facilities, design and harm to body and possessions.
  • In order to use facilities of all sorts, the owner of the activity must give confirmations on insurances and safety approvals for all facilities to the park management before the date of the activity.
  • The management is not responsible for any damage for possessions or body that is caused from the owner’s activity.
  • When the activity is over the owner of the activity must clean the trash and return the territory when it is evacuated from every item, clean and tidy.
  • The use of confetti and any pyrotechnic accessories is prohibited all across the park.
  • Park Peres manager: Yair Eduard. Tel: 03-5588591.