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What will you find and what can you do at our Park?

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About Park

Park Peres is a landscaped, nurtured, green and beautiful public park comprising an abundance of attractions that provide a variety of recreation and enjoyment options, diverse sports games in the open lighted courts, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while pacing in the clean air on well-organized walking trails alongside vegetation, training in special fitness facilities as well as some interesting history. The Park, inclusive of all its diverse installations and facilities, enables a unique recreation experience designated for all layers of population. The Park includes full accessibility for people with special needs and it comprises a track for the visually impaired.

The Park’s size and orientation throughout its area: the Park spans over an area of approximately 300 dunams and it is located at the south-east of the City of Holon. The Park is bordered on the west by the Yamit Water Park, on the north by the Kiryat Sharet residential neighborhood, on the east by the renewed and developing industrial area and on the south by the sand dunes of Holon. Park Peres offers a variety of attractions intended for recreation and enjoyment for all layers of population. Park Peres is a public park open to the public throughout the week, from early morning until nightfall, and it does not entail an admission fee. The attractions throughout the Park require payment.

אודות הפארק

Park Peres hosts events, performances and activities on behalf of the Municipality of Holon
and by many varied entrepreneurs.

Diverse events can be held upon advanced coordination with the Park’s administration.



Park Peres is located nearby Highway 4 (the Tel-Aviv-Ashdod Highway) and Road 431.
At the following address: Holon, 210 Jerusalem Avenue.

The Park’s opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00.

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