Birthdays and Events

Events and Birthdays at Park

Are you celebrating a birthday? Congratulations!

We are happy to congratulate you on your choice to celebrate your event with us, at Park Peres, in the clean air of nature, at the heart of a green park, full of lawns, playgrounds and an abundance of additional activities.

Following is the reservation process for an event/a birthday:

There are several areas throughout the Park where a variety of events and birthdays can be held. Please select the area that suits you best and indicate on the calendar the requested date for the event. Fill out the personal details form and click – Send.

After sending the form, you will receive a reservation form in your email, in which the requested area will be exhibited, including an option for demarcating the event’s area according to the amount of people, as well as the price and the event’s date.

The Park offers an option for equipment rental – To the Reservation (in Hebrew) 

In order to complete the reservation and ensure the performance of the event, it is necessary to arrange the payment for the service/equipment order for the event.

To complete the reservation and settle the payment, please call 053-8862599.

For reservations that will be sent until 12:00, it will be possible to contact us on the same day, commencing from two hours after carrying out the reservation.
For reservations that will be sent after 12:00, it will be possible to contact us on the day following the reservation’s performance.

Obligations and responsibilities of the owner of the activity

  • Keeping the order among the public and performing the planned activity will be held according to the laws.
  • Any equipment rented by the owner of the activity is in the owner’s full responsibility; he has to return the equipment intact and working not later than 22:30 (payment in cash only before receiving of the rented equipment).
  • The activity that will take place in the defined area is in the full responsibility of the owner of the activity: safety of activating the facilities, design and harm to body and possessions.
  • In order to use facilities of all sorts, the owner of the activity must give confirmations on insurances and safety approvals for all facilities to the park management before the date of the activity.
  • The management is not responsible for any damage for possessions or body that is caused from the owner’s activity.
  • When the activity is over the owner of the activity must clean the trash and return the territory when it is evacuated from every item, clean and tidy.
  • The use of confetti and any pyrotechnic accessories is prohibited all across the park.

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