Children’s Museum

The Israel Children's Museum – A Thought-Opening Experience

The Museum was established in 2001 and it has hosted over two million visitors of all ages. The Museum exhibits a variety of activities whose common denominator is the experiential engagement within the fields of emotional intelligence, the education for tolerance and the acceptance of the different and the other.
The diverse activities at the Museum are characterized by providing guidance to relatively small groups while emphasizing the added value and the values accompanying the activities. The Museum is one of the most impressive museums in Israel in terms of design and it is well-renowned throughout the world as well.

The diverse activity courses are divided into 2 categories:

The children’s courses – activities intended for children aged two and half to 12 years, distributed into age groups.
The exhibitions – the Museum’s exhibitions are suitable for adults and for children aged 9 and above.

All the activities at the Museum are guided and they require advance coordination. Feedback surveys that were conducted regarding the visitors’ degree of satisfaction, demonstrate that over 98% of the parents, the teachers and kindergarten teachers, opine that the visit and the children’s participation in the attractions offered by the Museum, possess a great to a very great deal of added value in terms of the child’s emotional development.


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