Attractions Throughout Park Peres

La Park

לה פארק

The leisure and entertainment complex located at the heart of the Park. Getting out of home, breaking out of the routine.

Children's Museum

מוזיאון הילדים

An experiential activity within the fields of emotional intelligence, the education for tolerance and the acceptance.

Holon Toto Arena

היכל טוטו

The leading complex at the Center of Israel for holding sports and culture events on a national and international level.

Water Park

ספארק המים

Israel’s Water Park in Holon. A recreational experience comprising diverse attractions for the entire family at a single place.

The Boats Lake

אגם סירות

A magnificent artificial lake where swan boats can be rented with the intention of sailing together with friends or family.

Ice Peaks

היכל הקרח

A multi-purpose center that serves as a center for figure skating on ice, ice hockey trainings and speed skating on ice.

Park Peres is located nearby Highway 4 (the Tel-Aviv-Ashdod Highway) at the following address:
Holon, 220 Jerusalem Avenue.

The Park’s opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00

Attractions in the Park

The accessible Playing Facilities

הגן הנגיש ומתקני המשחקים

The accessible garden enables children with disabilities to feel like everyone else and enjoy the motor activities at the Park.

The Sportek


Includes a variety of sports courts and fields: mini-pitch, basketball, ping pong, tennis and rocket ball training walls as well as sports facilities.

Sport and fitness facilities

הגן הנגיש

Includes a large thicket, walking trails in nature, seating areas, playing facilities and a complex of sport and fitness facilities.

The Chess Complex

מתחם שחמט

The chess complex comprising tables intended for chess games and free activities. A great place to spend free time.

The Trail to the Water Tower

שביל למגדל המים

The Water Tower located at the sand dunes of the Moledet neighborhood, was constructed in 1936 in order to supply water to the residents of the new neighborhood.



The BBQ’s expanse provides an extensive area that includes picnic tables, benches and other accessories.

Walking Trails

שבילי הליכה

The three tracks traverse along the entire Park, allowing those who march on them to select the track at their pleasure.

The Pacifiers Tree

עץ המוצצים

Allowing every child going through the pacifier weaning stage, to hang his pacifiers on the tree together with other pacifiers, and thus say goodbye to them.

The Amphitheatre


Contains up to approximately 7,000 spectators and hosts a wide variety of events under the open sky.

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