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The Recreation and Entertainment Company (Holon) Ltd

The Recreation and Entertainment Company (Holon) Ltd. is the executive arm of the City of Holon, which labors for the benefit and wellbeing of all the residents of the City. The Recreation and Entertainment Company (Holon) Ltd. is a leader within the field of urban leisure, sports and culture services. The Company was founded in 1962, it manages and activates diverse education, culture, vacation, recreation, entertainment and sports services for the citizens of Holon and its surroundings.
The Company is wholly owned by the Municipality of Holon and it has been a continuously profitable Company in the recent years and all its profits are directed to reinvestment for the benefit of the City’s residents.

The Recreation and Entertainment Company (Holon) Ltd. constitutes a main layer in the positioning strategy of the City of Holon, which strives to provide its residents with developed, varied and affordable community services, while placing an emphasis on education and culture.
The Company’s goal is to become a leader in all its areas of activity. The activation of recreational, sports, culture, entertainment and leisure facilities, health promotion, events and festivals at the highest level. The Company labors to strengthen the experience of its customers and to foster their loyalty, while emphasizing the safety, reliability and quality of service. The Company utilizes innovativeness, business entrepreneurship, establishment and activation in order to promote the recreation, entertainment, sports and leisure for the wellbeing of the residents of the City of Holon.

By means of the vast knowledge existent in the Company, both in the business aspect and in the municipal aspect, the Company serves as a mediator between different business entities and the Municipality of Holon with regard to commercial projects, such as opening a network of cafes in the City. In this manner, the Company’s interdisciplinary capability enables to bridge between the different conceptions of these areas and to establish projects that meet both the business and the municipal criteria.
The success of the Recreation and Entertainment Company (Holon) Ltd. led to interest on the part of Municipalities and Local Authorities seeking to establish similar bodies within their jurisdictions. The Company’s Managers often preform tours and lectures to representatives who come to learn about the success of the model of Holon.


Years of experience


Sports Centers


Entertainment Complexes

Activity Types

  • Preparation of master plans for the development of sports, recreation and entertainment sites in the City of Holon.
  • Planning, construction and development of enrichment and entertainment centers.
  • Planning, construction, development and activation of sports and recreation centers in the City.
  • Planning, construction and activation of Parks.
  • Integrating entrepreneurship into the entertainment and recreation sites throughout the City.
  • Integrating business entrepreneurships.
  • Management of festivals, races and representative frameworks of orchestras, management of festivals and public events.
  • Management, maintenance and activation of the sites.

Goals and Objectives

  • Sports, recreation, entertainment, health and activities throughout the City of Holon.
  • Education and culture.
  • Entertainment, performances, festivals and leisure throughout the City.
  • Planning, development, construction and activation of business centers.
  • Planning, construction and activation of cafes throughout the City of Holon.
  • Planning, development and activation of Parks.
  • Management of sports, recreation and commerce centers.
  • Establishment of cafes, restaurants and businesses related to the nature of the Company.
  • Management, maintenance and activation of business centers, cafes and restaurants.
  • Entrepreneurships for the management of yielding profitable projects.
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